Wyomissing Roofing Shingles


For home roofs with a pitch, we recommend and install Timberline Lifetime High-Definition Dimensional shingles, although we can work with just about any brand you’d like (such as CertainTeed, TAMKO, etc.) for Wyomissing Roofing Shingles. We install new continuous ridge vent with all roof replacements to promote airflow and help reduce heating and cooling bills. Detailz installs shingles using a 6-nail per shingle nailing pattern for maximum wind resistance (where most contractors only use 4-nails per shingle).

A standard part of our roofing package is the installation of Ice and Water Shield barrier at all eaves and valleys in the roof. We also install proper flashing around all chimneys and pipe collars. In addition, Detailz cleans all gutters and even does some minor repairs as needed, with each roofing job. We take pride in the details in our Philadelphia Roofing Shingles!

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