Philadelphia Flat Roofing


We have experience working installing, repairing and replacing flat roofing systems throughout cities such as Philadelphia, West Chester and Norristown row homes. We install 4 mil rubber roofing, from manufacturers such as CertainTeed, GAF and others. Standard on all Philadelphia Flat Roofing we install two-way roof vents to promote airflow, and to allow trapped moisture escape from between layers of roofing. This also encourages hot air to escape from the attic in the summer time, keeping cool air in. We provide complete tear-offs, as well as re-roofing (laying a new roof on top of your existing roof – which might be acceptable in many instances).

We install new Philly Skylights which are built on new wood curb in order to raise it higher than the existing roof by 4 inches (which prevents water build-up around the skylight). You can also upgrade to a dome-style skylight which utilizes a pole instead of a chain and can be used as an emergency egress.

We recommend the installation of a new copper eave box (scupper box) with your new roof, as this is often times the cause of many roof failures. (Many contractors are unqualified to install this properly which leads to problems. We have experience with this important aspect of your new roof.)

We provide roof coating services, such as fiberized aluminum coating, which helps maintain and lengthen the life of your rubber roof. By reflecting heat, this can also help to reduce your energy bill.

Roof touch-ups – we clean any debris off the roof, check the drains for clogs, and seal any potential leaks – mainly around chimneys, pipes and roof edges (a good service to have performed as maintenance before each winter).

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