West Reading Hardwood & Pergo Flooring


What is better than having classic hardwood floors throughout a house? They are timeless, gorgeous, and increase home value. Have you thought about having hard wood installed for years? Why wait anymore? Detailz will get the job of West Reading Hardwood & Pergo Flooring  done and before you know it, you’ll have beautiful, gleaming, hardwood floors of your own! You can also rest assured that hardwood will stand the test of time. Besides the warmth and natural beauty that hardwood flooring will add to your home, any imperfections that are acquired over time can typically be repaired by sanding and refinishing.

Pergo, or laminate, flooring is a great option as well. Laminate wood flooring is made up of composite wood and has an image of hardwood placed over it. In general, you can expect to spend almost 50% less on laminate than hardwood installation. Also, laminate is more durable than hardwood and resists scratches, moisture, and wear and tear better than hardwood does.

The choice is yours with either hardwood or Pergo. Undoubtedly, both have numerous styles, stains, and finishes to choose from. Our experts in the DE, PA, and NJ areas can take the guesswork out of what is best for your home’s style. Consult with Detailz today to talk about pricing and options.

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