Phoenixville Doors


Exterior & Interior – Let’s face it. Sometimes our houses are begging for certain projects to be done. Replacing a door can be one of them. An exterior or interior door that is not energy efficient and not properly sealed can cost you dearly during the hot summer and cold winter months. Before the next season, call Detailz and get it taken care of. We can help you choose the perfect style and material for your new exterior door so that it’s not just a practical replacement, but also a visual upgrade. As your home improvement experts in the DE, NJ, and PA areas, we know about cold, snowy winters. We can give you confidence that your doors are up to the task for the winter ahead.

Storm & Screen Doors – The storm and/or screen door is one of the first things a guest sees when they approach the front of your house. Let us help you impress them! There are new styles of doors that make changing seasons incredibly easy. Is it a warm day and you wish you could just have your front door open and let the breeze through your screen door? Even out of season, we can show you doors that open as easily as a window to give you the freedom you want.

French Doors – What could be more elegant than a set of French doors leading into your formal living room or out to your deck? French doors are beautiful and have a way of connecting spaces by allowing light to pass through to the adjoining space. The experts at Detailz can walk you through all of the design options available to you from clear glass to patterned decorative glass, from fiberglass to wood. We’ll help you match your new statement doors to your homes style.

Sliding Glass Doors – Sliding glass doors are a great option to add to your home. They offer a nice, wide entryway that allows extra natural light into your home and gives you a great view of your outside space. Natural light is not just inviting and pleasing to look at, but is also energy efficient and can help to warm up a room on a sunny day. Sliding glass doors also create the illusion of more space, making your room seem larger as well as lighter. If you’re worried about too much light, we can show you door options that have blinds built right into the glass so that you can close off your space as easily as closing the blinds.

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