Coatesville Bar Installation


Detailz makes stepping up your entertainment space simple. Our experienced carpenters can show you how IN Coatesville Bar Installation! We have the PA, DE, NJ areas covered when it comes to building a bar in your home. From simple to full service, contemporary to classic, we have the knowledge to give you what you want. What guy doesn’t want their own watering hole, minus the crowds and noise? Let us personalize a plan for your space. Detailz will help you figure out the details for your dream bar project. We’ll figure out what you have space for, the specifics that are most important to you, and completely tailor it to you and your family.

Let’s talk finishes. There’s more to consider than you’d imagine. A traditional bar has bar molding, a drink rail, a drip lip, a lower counter, a foot rail, and of course the bar top itself. The bar molding is what keeps drinks from spilling on the spiller and is a great place to rest your arms. A drink rail is where drinks are typically prepared before putting them on the bar top. A drip lip keeps spills from running off of the bar top. The lower counter can take up some space, but adds a ton of convenience for cutting lemons, stacking dirty glasses, and having space for mixed drink ingredients. The traditional metal foot rail can cost a pretty penny, but Detailz can create a wood bar or even just a simple ledge to rest your feet on instead. The bar top can really give your bar the image you’re going for. Do you want a wood, granite, or some other material bar top? The choice is yours and we will accommodate! We can even make space for your mini fridge or keg cooler and build in space for beer taps.

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